SEO Tip - the "nofollow" HTML tag

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One would think that having links on your website would be a good thing; like to your clients, partners, vendors, friends and whatnot. And, even having them link back to you on their websites as well. This should help with SEO, right?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Not always. It could actually make things worse. Fortunately, there is an HTML programming tool - the "nofollow" tag - which can be coded to tell the Google and Bing SEO robots and spiders to not continue following the path of a hyperlink.

Why do this? The long answer, which we won't delve to deep into, relates to a domain's authority rating. Here's a more English friendly explanation:

If the website you are linking out to has a not-so-great reputation (as defined by Google & Bing), you will actually reduce YOUR domain's authority rating and lower your rankings. Your reputation is based in part on the company you keep. Sounds familiar huh.

What to do? If all this is sounding Greek and you'd like help increasing your search engine rankings, call us at (800) 639-1046 / (954) 616-8023 we'd love to help out. Otherwise, jump right on in yourself and start fine tuning your website pages. First - assess the domain authority ratings of all the websites you are linking out to, and for those sites with low ratings, add the "nofollow" tag to their hyperlinks. That's it!

In summary, it's tough enough to increase your search visibility, the last thing you want is to go backwards.

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