custom software

Only what you need. Nothing else...

Like most, you're probably not happy with "off the shelf" products are you?  We've learned from really listening to our clients that EVERY single software product ever purchased contained hundreds of features that never get used - or were even wanted in the first place - but you paid for them anyway.  Why? 

We don't develop software for everyone, we develop it for you.  Only what you need and nothing that you don't.  We also understand the importance of "branding", which other software companies could care less about.  What we do for our clients belongs to our clients, and as such, it looks, feels and smells (if we could actually do that) like them in every way.  

Just what type of software solutions have we done?
  • Construction Management DaVinci Pro Flow

  • Membership Management (Not-For-Profits) - Proprietary

  • Agency Management (Insurance) - Proprietary

  • Sales & Marketing Content Management (Financial) - Proprietary

  • Inventory Management
    (Food & Beverage Industry) - Proprietary

  • Internal Business Process Management (Consulting Industry) - Proprietary

  • Client Relationship Management 
    (Various Industries) - Proprietary


On the web, on your desktop or your mobile device, we can develop a custom solution just for you.

Take your business to the next level and become the leader you want to be and not a frustrated software hostage like everyone else.  Again, you're not like other businesses and should not be forced to use the same software they are using.

And did we mention you don't have to break the bank to do it either.  Contact us today @ (888) 515-8THD


  • Custom Software Development:

    We are very satisfied and happy to have found 8th Domain Technology as our software development partner. Our Sales & Marketing Content management (financial) software crafted by understanding of nature of business and build with suggestions and ideas that are very impressive. They have not only the highest work quality but also present maximum flexibility, agility and scalability. It is safe to say that they are very proactive, amazingly open and trusted company. That's why, they are our ongoing partner when it comes to building tailored solutions for each clients that we have. –Paige Lehman VICE PRESIDENT and DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS The Fusion Group

8th Domain Technology is also an authorized parter & reseller for these great companies.
Dell, Microsoft, Carbonite, AVG, WatchGuard, Comcast, GlobalSign, Western Digital