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Every time Microsoft pushes out an update to Windows (which is at least once a month) it modifies your current security settings to enable the Windows firewall option. Hummm. Apparently they are assuming to be doing us a favor, by making sure everyone is safe right?  Wrong.

Most affected by these rogue setting changes are businesses, who have other hardware and software (firewall) security measures in place. When Microsoft takes it upon themselves to change your computer security settings, they are actually creating problems instead of preventing them.

If you are responsible for managing your business's network we recommend disabling the "auto upgrade" settings on all but one computer in the office and use it as the guinea pig to do your patch management and testing. Now you might think this is going to be a pain in the ass and be just one more thing to have to do, however, it will actually save you time and aggravation by not being on the receiving side of angry phone calls that someones computer can no longer see network mapped drives, can no longer access shared printers and so on.

Home users are not affected (as much) as they are not connecting to other network resources or as many  remote devices, however we have received numerous calls to help resolve issues at both locations.

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