Managed IT Support

Affordable IT Support for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

From the big-5 to the Small Office/Home Office (SOHO), we’ve been there and done that, and we can help you too. Our experienced and certified staff is ready to go to work for you. Everything from desktop & laptop maintenance, to network cabling, adding a server, configuring a backup & recovery solution (which you do have, right?).

Setting up a firewall for extra security and SPAM reduction, to adding remote access capabilities to your network for your mobile device … we can do that. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised just how affordable a monthly office IT support contract can be.

Best of all, we won’t be in your way 8 hours a day, we’ll never ask for a vacation or sick day day off, and we won’t ask you to pay for our medical & dental insurance! Priceless…

What types of businesses are we currently supporting? It’s a mix: Doctor’s offices, Food & Beverage Distributors, Condo Associations, Hair Salons, Title & Escrow Companies, Retail (Furniture) Stores, Manufacturing Companies, and several sole proprietor entrepreneur shops. And we would love to help support your business too. Call us today at (800) 639-1046 for a free evaluation and quote.

Not sure if you have a real need or if you can afford it? Check out this short blog to help explain why you can’t afford NOT to have it.  -> The Real Costs of IT Support

Onsite & Remote Monitoring

Fiber, Wired or Wireless

Phone Systems

Firewalls & AntiVirus Protection

Desktop & Mobile Device Maintenance/Support

Printers, Faxes, Scanners

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Servers (AD, Mail/Exchange, File (including SharePoint), Web, Streaming Media, Windows and Linux)

8th Domain Technology is a reliable and professional IT service provider. The consulting team recently upgraded our computers and security firewall as well as providing proactive monthly maintenance for all of the PCs in our company. We truly depend on their expertise and technical knowledge for all of our IT system needs. 8th Domain Technology is the perfect solution for the support needs of our organization.