Who likes change?

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Can I see of show of hands of everyone who likes "change". I'm referring here of course to changes in your life, changes in your office or changes in your community. Hummm, I'm not seeing a single hand raised. I think it safe to say that the majority of people don't like change.

Now consider this - have you ever wished things were different, like your appearance or your relationships, your clothes, car, house, salary/job, etc... Why aren’t thing changing, why aren’t they improving?

The answer may reside in the reality of our resistance to change. “If you change nothing … Nothing will change!”

Now what in the heck does this resistance to change have to do with technology you may be thinking? A lot - especially if you're the business owner or if you're responsible for the success of a department. Your resistance to change is directly impacting your growth. Almost guaranteeing stagnation.

Take for example... if you wanted to improve operational efficiencies with managing inventory, it may be time to change from using your "familiar" accounting software to using an actual inventory control software package. If you want to better manage your sales process, it may be time to change from using that "familiar" email program and start using a real relational contact management system. Or, if you’re frustrated with that friend or relative who's offered to help you with your website or take care of your computers, but seems to only work around their schedule, it may be time for a change.

Change doesn't have to hurt and it doesn’t have to break the piggy bank, but it does need to occur and it will occur with or without you.

As a trusted technology partner to small businesses across South Florida, I'm happy to say we're here to help with the transition from old to new. It's time. Call, click or text us and let's get started today. (800) 639-1046, (954) 616-8023, https://8thdomaintechnology.com, contact@8thdomaintechnology.com

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