The Power of Emotions

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Here's a thought to ponder... Take a guess at how most people make up their minds when presented with a challenging question?  Most folks believe they use their brains to contemplate and consider potential outcomes, pros and cons, ramifications of not doing something, and the like.  However, since we are spiritual beings (if I may even talk about this aspect of humanity), we more often than not make our decisions using our hearts and not our brains. Yep. Emotions seem to magically trump logic, and for a very valid reason.  Ultimately, we are making a connection (or possibly not connecting) with that ''thing'' being considered. This even includes the decision to buy a product or service being offered by another.

Hopefully by now you can see where this conversation is going.  We are talking about Marketing.  And, if we can all agree - even just a little - that our hearts have this special power over our brains then it is probably in our best interest to leverage (but not take advantage of) this connection.  Right?

So how do we do this? It's easy actually. And no trickery is needed. All one has to do is take into consideration the potential buyer's wants and needs when trying to package and promote your product or service.  Make a connection!  Show me you understand what's it's like to walk a day in my shoes and how your product or service can help make my day and my life easier. Don't give me a list of the 10 thousand things it can do. Tell me how it is going to help me.  That's it.

This is also not a new marketing method by any means, but it is one that requires more work be done on the seller's part to learn more about the needs of their buyers before starting any new marketing campaign. A much overlooked method if you ask us.  If you do this one thing you will not just increase your sales you will be providing a loftier service to help out another human being.

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