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No boyfriend or girlfriend stuff here, sorry. I'm talking relationship with your computer. Really. Stay with me for a moment...

Are you 'friends', 'casual acquaintances' or 'enemies'. This relationship will very much have an effect on your daily productivity (and your health and well being).

For me, I love my computer. I'm nice to it and it returns the favor by not breaking down and it creates wonderful projects that allow me to make a living helping others with their technology needs. It's a great two-way win-win relationship and it's pretty much stress-free.

Now how 'bout you? Do you find yourself swearing at the computer, or worse yet pounding on the keyboard because it's not responding as fast as you'd like it to? How much time are you putting into the relationship? Do you expect the world from your computer but don't do any training to learn how to use it or the software on it better? That's kinda one-way thinking isn't it? Do you have unrealistic expectations about how fast it should respond to your actions, even though you may have purchased it over 5 years ago and filled to the brim with junk? Yikes, I can just imagine the frustration. We see it every day. And all technology aside, this adversarial relationship is unnecessarily stressful and not healthy.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It's a mindset really, and it has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with the way you treat and act towards others. Computers included.

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