8th Domain Technology - History

Everything you ever wanted to know about us.

As the U.S. and World economy began to slow in late 2008 and early 2009, our company, 8th Domain Technology, LLC. was conceived.

8th Domain Technology exists to serve South Florida entrepreneurs and small businesses with the management of their Sales, Marketing & Technology needs.

Our specialties: Affordable Small Office/Home Office IT Support, Digital Marketing (Website Design, Website Hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing) and Custom Software/Mobile App Development.

What makes us different? ... The same reason we incorporated. Because of what was happening in the world in late 2008 with the unethical behavior by individuals and large corporations, we felt it was time for someone or some company to act in an ethical manner, to use their powers for good and not evil, and to actually help others (and not just feed our wallets). What a novel concept, huh. In return, a fair exchange for our products and services might even be asked for to help keep our company alive and viable. Seems fair right? And, in the bigger picture, maybe (just maybe) this ethical business practice might just catch-on, or at least send a message to the rest of the business community of how things should be, and how people really should be treated.

If you've gotten this far you're probably thinking, "Why all the hype about ethics? Isn't ethics just the difference between right and wrong?" We believe the answer to that is NO. Ethics is "the greatest good for all". When people or firms only think about themselves (and their wallets), and not consider their clients, their employees (and their families), their shareholders or the environment in which they share with the rest of the world, there is a greater power (call it what you'd like) that has a mysterious way of responding. We call it ''Karma''.

Our Zen-like approach to each prospect/client encounter helps us recognize that everyone has their own unique set of circumstances and we understand that cookie-cutter type offerings are really shortcuts focused on benefiting the service provider and are not truly intended to benefit the person or the company requiring assistance. This is why we custom tailor everything we do - with affinity. We want YOUR clients to be happy. If they are then you'll get more business. And if you're happy, you'll probably call us back for more work. And that would make us happy. Isn't that what it is all about?

And by the way, if you're curious about how we got our name (8th Domain) - just ask. We'd love to bend your ear for an hour. It's a MAJOR part of what us different from every other company (technology or otherwise). We're not like everyone else ... and that should be important to you.

  • Managed IT Services:

    8TH Domain Technology is a reliable and professional IT service provider. The consulting team recently upgraded our computers and security firewall as well as providing proactive monthly maintenance for all of the PC's in our company. We truly depend on their expertise and technical knowledge for all of our IT system needs. 8TH Domain Technology is the perfect solution for the support needs of our organization. –Lois Mumby Vice President Northstar Title and Escrow

  • Digital Marketing:

    Working with 8th Domain Technology has been a pleasure. I hired 8th Domain to help with our online presence and increase boat sales. However, not only they have provide a measurable return on our investment but they have become an extension of our own marketing department. They hold themselves to high standards and their campaign performance for our company has consistently improved month over month. Their SEO and Google AdWords expertise and insights translated to more leads and converting to more sales. The results have been exceptional. They have proven themselves with immense thought, effort and creativity into the work that many other firms fall short on. I'm very proud to have them on our marketing team and would be the first to recommend their services to peers within the industry. –John D'Agostino SALES MANAGER Sundance Marine

  • Custom Software Development:

    We are very satisfied and happy to have found 8th Domain Technology as our software development partner. Our Sales & Marketing Content management (financial) software crafted by understanding of nature of business and build with suggestions and ideas that are very impressive. They have not only the highest work quality but also present maximum flexibility, agility and scalability. It is safe to say that they are very proactive, amazingly open and trusted company. That's why, they are our ongoing partner when it comes to building tailored solutions for each clients that we have. –Paige Lehman VICE PRESIDENT and DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS The Fusion Group

8th Domain Technology is also an authorized parter & reseller for these great companies.
Dell, Microsoft, Carbonite, AVG, WatchGuard, Comcast, GlobalSign, Western Digital